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Chinese astrology 2018 – fun facts about the year of the dog

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Horoscopes in the Chinese astrological system are traditional for the East Asian region. And today they enjoy all nationalities that have found a different but accurate look at the influences in our world.

Chinese astrology has a 5-thousand-year seniority. Long before the new era, they approached officials and wealthy merchants. The systems that originated in the West look at the beneficial and adverse effects of the planets on the fate and the everyday life of man. Ancient Chinese monitor the ups and downs of natural rhythms related to the cyclicity of day and night, seasons, tides, lunar phases, and so on.

The Astronomical Zodiac divides the year into 12 parts, the Oriental is based on 12-year cycles. Zodiacs are singled out, reigning for a full year.

Chinese astrology 2018 announces that each year it is run by its animal sign. This sign brings lightness in certain areas and lessons – in others. The mark of the current year enters into different interactions with the other characters. So the year has a look for the Kotel-born and quite different – for the Dragons, for example.

The relationship between the sign of the current year and the birth sign marks the whole thing – business, finance, personal relationships, love, health, and so on.

Naturally, those born in the same year do not have the same life path. As Western systems work with hour and minute of birth to fully individualize the planetary influences on the individual, so the Chinese mark their own sign of the month, day and hour. This results in a combination of 4 animals, the harmony and the conflict between them drawing the image of the human person.

Chinese astrology treats equally seriously the great life events and the daily “small” problems. It also gives instructions for great things like marriage, and for little ones like lunch cooking.

When does the Chinese year begin?

Those born between March and December determine their zodiac without difficulty. But 1/6 of the population – born in January / February, may be deluded if they are not familiar with the Chinese system.

The Chinese Astronomical Year begins on February 4th, on the day of Chun (early spring). The birth sign of 4 February and on corresponds to the sign of the calendar year. Those born from 1 January to 3 February are under the influence of the sign of the previous calendar year.


Example: Born on February 4, 2009 is Bull, but the birthday earlier – on 3 February 2009, is Rat. On February 3, 1961, it is still the year of the Rat (1960 in the chart), and on February 4 is the year of the Bull. If you were born between 1.01 and 3.02, just look for the previous year in the table.

The date of February 4 is perceived as the standard for distinguishing the signs. But they can be determined even more precisely by reference to the date of the particular year.
2018, Year of the Dog2018 Year of the Yellow Earth Dog

The Chinese welcome the new year at a different date – it varies according to the lunar calendar. The internet has tables for years to come. Often these dates are also perceived as the point of changing the zodiac. For example, we traditionally send 2017 on December 31, but Dog Dog, the lord of 2018, will wait. The fiery cock, dyed in red, will fly on February 16th.

The following will guide you to prepare for the coming 2018 to maximize success and prosperity and to take advantage of its good aspects and to counter the impact of the unfavorable ones.

In 2018 comes the Earth Dog, whose color is yellow, and the earth is his element. After 2016 and 2017, now passions go on second. The soil is dense, it brings peace and tranquility to the place of raging hot emotions and emotions. This will be printed on everything: politics, careers, health, privacy, and even nature.

The dog is the 11th sign of the 12-year-old. eastern calendar cycle. It is associated with the energy “yang” and the element “metal”. The corresponding sign of the Western zodiac is Aquarius.

Dog symbolizes:

Positive features – honesty, responsiveness, dedication, responsibility, purposefulness, straightforwardness, reliability, stubbornness, but also

Negative features – anxiety, cynicism, self-confidence, self-criticism.

Dog of the Years
Year of occurrence and end of element color
1934 19 February 1934 – 7 February 1935 Blue Tree
1946 6 February 1946 – 25 January 1947 Red Fire
1958 January 24, 1958 – February 11, 1959 Yellow Earth
1970 11 February 1970 – January 30, 1971 White Metal
1982 29 January 1982 – 16 February 1983 Black Water
1994 15 February 1994 – 4 February 1995 Blue Tree
2006 January 25, 2006 – February 12, 2007 Red Fire
2018 11 February 2018 – 31 January 2019 Yellow Earth
2030 January 30, 2030 – February 16, 2031 White Metal
Characteristic of the year

In order to attract wealth in 2018, let us prepare for her coming from the earliest and get to know the character of her ruler. The dog’s temper is not simple. It is a combination of a number of finite features. The dog is honest, noble, friendly and stubborn in the set goals. But at the same time it is lazy and its reactions are not predictable.

In general, the unprecedented 2018 should bring us harmony, stability, peace and tranquility. Time to end wars, confrontations, conflicts – world and personal. The period will favorably affect the development of the world economy and also the economy of most countries.

Personally conveyed, the 2018th is the year of union and the reunification of forces. The Oriental Horoscope looks at 2018 as an opportunity to unite personal destinies – creating stable relationships and healthy, enjoyable family ties.
How to meet the year

In company. This will attract the Yellow Dog to you from the very beginning, even before it comes into possession. The whole period predisposes to communication and will support social life and communication.

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