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Sagittarius – your 2018 horoscope is here

December 22, 2017 by Posted in: Beauté

The present Sagittarius horoscope 2018 gives the main trends of the year, it can not be exhaustive and does not replace a study of your natal theme and your annual transits.
I advise you to look at the horoscope of your sun sign and the horoscope of your ascendant. I also found a very interesting 2018 sagittarius horoscope here :

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018: summary

1st decan

This year 2018 will be structuring I believe for Sagittarians 1st decan.
From mid-June to mid-September, Saturn will go back to Scorpio, loosing your bridle … however, the first degrees will be entitled to 3 passages of the planet on the same “points” (to specify this importance according to your birth chart)
From August 12th, Jupiter will boost your professional and social expansion …
End of the first decade, to watch the Opposition Jupiter-Neptune (Virgin-Pisces) of September 16 which can place you in a sort of “big gap” between your work and the family, not without confusion …

2nd decan:

I would say that you are the most advantaged! On one side of the Uranium novelty Trigone, on the other an evolution of your achievements thanks to Pluto (long-lasting aspect structurant), then a direct support Trigone of Jupiter at the beginning of the year, and still at the end of year in October … enough to be like a fish in the water!
To watch all the same the updates of the fast planets and according to your natal chart …

3rd decan:

For you the highlight of 2018 will be the loop of Venus in Lion joint Jupiter, a period from June 6 to October 9, in several phases with the demotion of course … can be a crush on a trip or a spiritual revelation or intellectual? can already be a socio professional meeting? in any case an aspect of luck and auspicious for you …
From mid-June to mid-September, Saturn demoted, you can see resurging problems late 2014 … it will mostly be a “reminder” or a fence.
At the end of the year you will find Jupiter in Virgo and you should feel more Uranus approaching you …

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018: detail

The highlight of 2018 will of course be the recent entry of Saturn in your sign impacting the 1st decan. The planet will be placed in the Carre de Neptune in Pisces which is in an important angular sector, that of your family, of your home.
Seriousness, rigor even austerity, “structuring” (in the broadest sense), a certain weight of time passing, health concerns, confusion in your home, your home, are as many possible interpretations of this Square. And Saturn will not leave you until the end of 2017, so we will have the opportunity to talk about it again.

For the 2nd decanon mainly, Uranus is well disposed towards you, Trigone in a sign of fire (Aries), in a sector which symbolizes your creations, your projects, your children … even if the planet makes a Square to Pluto which occupies the sector concerning your goods, your assets, your income, what will emerge from the Carre seems positive: a restructuring of your resources and the unexpected side project, all to please a mutable sign like yours!

2nd decan always, Jupiter -your planet mistress- will also be well disposed toward you a big part of the first semester, in Trine in Lion in the sector of the sky which is devolved to you, that of the voyage, the higher studies, the spiritual elevation , the individual blooming … The 3rd decan will even welcome a loop of Venus joint Jupiter from the month of July! As a result Jupiter will invest your Midheaven, an excellent place for this social planet since it is an important angular sector concerning your socio professional business …

The first part of the year, the lunar nodes will promote your fulfillment in this phase of beginning of increasing cycle, then they will enter the Square of your sign from mid-October 2018, this first tension is probably necessary to mark the pace and readjust your projects, to refine the assignment of your potential. The Dark Moon will do the opposite way, she will leave her square formed since late November 2014 to join a much more favorable sector involving your socio-professional achievement.

For Sagittarians in 2018, it is important to pay attention to the updates of the following fast planets, including:

Mars will square your sign from January 13 to February 20, meanwhile it will update Saturn-Neptune square on January 19, ramdam family or home?
Mars will then update the square Uranus-Pluto on March 11 in trine Jupiter, a pivotal period for the 2nd decan.
Mercury will enter in Gemini your opposite sign on May 1st and will make a loop there (demotion on May 19th, direct march on June 12th), it is your 1st decan which will be fully impacted. The Mars planet still in Gemini will make you Opposition from May 12 to June 25, probably a conflictual moment, especially around May 29 with a Conjunction Mars-Mercury-Sun impacting the end of the 1st decan.

On August 28 Mercury will enter Libra and make a loop, demotion on September 18, direct march on October 10, exit of the sign on November 2, it is still the first decan who will be the main impact, in a sector of collective projects and friendships.
Mars will be conjoined with Venus on September 1st, then Mars will always come into Conjunction with Jupiter -your planet mistress- October 18th in Virgo (impacting 2nd decan).
Around November 24, 25, 26, Mercury will be conjunct Saturn, itself in exact square with Neptune, an important period in the perspectives of the interpretations above.

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