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Horoscope 2018 – predictions for aries, taurus and gemini

January 6, 2018 by Posted in: Beauté

Horoscope 2018: signs, turn! This is what announces: with the arrival of Uranus, it is time for change: whether in love, at work, in everyday life or within yourself, one must act. Here are the tips of the stars sign by sign.

Aries, March 21st / April 20th

A 2018 in which you can express your strength and your sense of rebellion, but learn to reconcile them with the rigor that requires Saturn. Meanwhile, Uranus will give you a six month break: no forced changes and more lightness.

If in heaven – or more precisely in the zodiac – there is a sign that lives its relationship with the revolution in a special and unique way that is precisely yours. Because you, for many years now, have been guests of Uranus along with its irreverent energy, the one capable of putting everything into question, with its strength that (like you) is never afraid to challenge anyone or anything.

But Uranus begins to weigh: this is why his break (six months long) could prove to be providential. From May to November you will take a long vacation from the forced changes, but dealing with your favorite planet: Mars, in fact, will ask you to adapt your intentions to the rigor that Saturn now imposes. Your revolution will be just this: being able to be strong and rebellious enough to please you but without ever going beyond the limits and possibilities that the present allows you, without turning into an abstract concept.

Thus you will learn the value of diplomacy, of knowing how to reconcile the typical rigor of Saturn with the warm passion that moves you instead. Do not change your relationship with what you can do, maybe convincing yourself that you can rebuild everything from scratch, because Uranus, from July onwards, will not help you. Move with a little ‘prudence even in love: do not ask the most to the heart, accept that the feelings have an agenda. And that maybe this is not the moment of the perfect appointment, the one you would like.

Taurus, 21 April / 20 May

The sky guarantees you a great vitality, which will allow you to welcome the news without prejudice: a great success for you that you need stability and security. Heart and passions will also be energetic. Live them all the way.

Two totally opposite things can condition you anyway: habit and novelty. The first is something that you of Toro live in a special way, because it embodies your need for stability. The novelty is instead the energy you need to improve, even if you prefer things that do not change.

Remember that if nothing ever changed, there would not even be opportunities to get better. With this spirit in mind, prepare to make room for Uranus, a star who for a few months (from May to November) will keep you company, trying – gently – to renew promises and directions. A feeling that will clearly feel especially those born in April, a presence that will give its best until July, because then Uranus will suddenly change his mind to go back to where he came from.

Your revolution, declined in 2018, will be to make yours this energy of the firmament, that is, to welcome the novelty, calandoti without prejudices in the unexpected, in the small surprises of the moment. Making you also strong of the friendship of Saturn, your super ally, that will give you a hand in clearing the relationship with the destiny.

Ask a lot of work, career, because it works now, but remembering Jupiter, which until November will be the enemy of the couple changes. Heart and passions will be in fashion from March to September and then from mid-November, when the energies of feelings will be by your side.

Gemini, 21 May / 21 June

Soft and bright: this will be your 2018. You will want to focus on thoughts and friendships. Define your career paths in the first few months of the year: it’s the right time to focus on your career.

Frantic, hyperkinetic, hyperactive. Astrologers often define you that way. They do it to paint an energy – yours – that loves to live in constant connection with everything that surrounds you, which makes you a tireless protagonist of the moment.

Yet there are times when you have to be quiet, probably because the stars and the like so you want. You just have to enjoy in total lightness a 2018 finally soft, easy enough to illuminate your mood, your thoughts and the hopes that derive from it. Jupiter and Saturn will be for you aphonic, neutral, and only Mars, who will be by your side for long periods, will light a present that is otherwise destined to become uninteresting.

Without forgetting about Mercury, which will give you a spring dedicated to dreams, the desire to focus on thoughts and friendships for the future. Your revolution will therefore be silent (just like the one told by the sociologist Ronald Inglehart), but not less important.

Sometimes you may think that the greatest waste in the world is the difference between what you are and what you might become, but remember that the time of reflection is as precious as that of action. And if work or career will be at the top of your priorities, then worry about defining your practical and professional paths in the first months of the year, or in the last weeks of 2018.

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