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Love Horoscope 2019 : the challenges linked by each sign

September 14, 2018 by Posted in: Uncategorized

A whole year of Jupiter in Scorpio will allow us to see issues of love relationships that we did not face before. Sign by sign, the astrological moment they will go through in couple relationships.


Jupiter transits the Scorpio sign until November 2019; benefiting mainly Scorpio and also the other two water signs – Cancer and Pisces -. The rest of the signs of the zodiac will be benefited since Jupiter, from the intense sign of Scorpio, will shed light on the situations we were avoiding to face in order to allow us to resolve them in a more mature way.

The heaven of this new year proposes to become aware of our sins, to take charge of our “faults” of conscience.


In 2019, Uranus also enters the sign of Taurus in May and proposes greater fluidity and detachment in what we believe to be our own and unalterable. This new year is presented as a period that challenges us to be available, to be more lucid and awake than ever. Also take a look and read the love horoscope 2019 on . It’s a very interesting website with lots of infos.


It is in general with our partners that we should be more lucid because it is with them that we share more intimate time and where we can least conceal our true essence.

This year will be a period where the closest relationships will make us a strong mirror of our personal aspects more denied and therefore less resolved and it is likely that the two signs that learn the most with their partners are Taurus and Cancer.



Signs of fire


What was the harvest left by the trine of creative construction between Saturn and Uranus?

Aries – liberated from an intense and extensive climate of liberation and uncertainties – begins a special year 2019. For the Arians, a very particular time begins, for finally – after seven years – Uranus, the creative madman abandons his sign. As of May 2019, Uranus enters Taurus and slows down his Arian anguish. You will be able to find out what you built in a couple relationship during the last seven years: you have become more free and creative or more distanced and with a feeling of mutual ignorance (or probably both at the same time). If you still have something pending to tell your partners will be between November and December 2019 – when Uranus returns to visit them – is the time to update the relationship with real freedom, but also includes the risk of losing security and permanence in the link.

Leo: During the last two years, a trine of fire brought great possibilities to build free and creative links. This fluidity reached in their relations will tend to diminish in 2019 but the novelty is that Jupiter will allow them to build what perhaps in these recent times seemed volatile or excessively closed in terms of affection and love. Jupiter from the sign of Scorpio will bring intense emotional news and new family projects. The planet Uranus from Tauro proposes to update its identity in projects that must link authenticity and commitment.

Sagittarius: Released finally from the weight of Saturn, they will begin a year of harvest and fertility. Saturn – the planet of realism and objectivity – visited them during the last two and a half years to the sagittarian enthusiasts, leading them to become aware of the reality built in recent times in excessively crude and objective ways – more than their natural joy Sagittarian can stand. Relieved now of the weight of Saturn, 2019 is proposed as a year of realistic and solid decisions in their relationships and especially in their partners. The more clear and pragmatic they become in their love decisions, the more they will benefit from the expansive arrival of Jupiter, which from November 2019 will expand their emotional lives activating romance and fantasies.

Taurus: 2019 will be a year of great changes for this sign, as Uranus will radiate its creative instability by entering this stable sign in the month of May. Uranus – the Creative Crazy – proposes a year of peculiar liberation. This planet (associated with freedom and unforeseen events) will activate in the Taurines a great need for change and authenticity – diametrically different from its tendency to stillness and inertia.


Since October 2017 when Jupiter entered Scorpio – its opposite sign – the couple’s themes were exacerbated, forcing them to see everything – the luminous and the dark – of their relationships. The next few months bullfighters and their partners will see intensified tensions and affinities leading them to make clear decisions about whether they want to move forward in their relationships. The year 2019 will lead them to make liberating and creative changes in the love area.


Virgo: Virginian personalities tend to be more introverted than extroverted, more observant than communicative, but nonetheless throughout 2019 they will find themselves more expressive and enthusiastic than ever. This year is presented as a period to trust more in what they perceive and above all to encourage themselves to communicate it.

This climate of expressive confidence will provide the prudent virginian personalities with a year of unusual confidence and fluidity with their relationships in general and with their partners in particular. They will feel more admired and safe and this will allow them to express their opinions with greater openness and creativity. In this period, they will prioritize their personal needs with less prejudice.


Capricorn begins a very special year because he receives Saturn in his sign in December 2017. The great builder is installed in the sign of the goat for two and a half years to suggest a climate of re-validation and re-negotiation on couple issues. Capricorn should clarify how much each member of the couple will put in to sustain the link. Accustomed to being the one who contributes the most effort in each relationship, perhaps it is a period of recapitulation and recognition of the great pleasure he feels when he recognizes himself stronger and more responsible than the rest. The Capricornians – the gifted response givers – will have a 2019 full of realism and achievement. Although this year will mean joint efforts, it can be alleviated thanks to the liberating climate that Uranus proposes. Uranus from Taurus (affine sign) will provide them with creative freedom that will allow them to release any relationship that requires unnecessary efforts and proposes to commit themselves to those that are really worthwhile.

Air signs



This restless and versatile sign will surely feel relieved during 2019 as Saturn finally moves away from its opposite sign and stops demanding excessive effort and responsibility. During the last two years Saturn from Sagittarius pushed them to mature and understand what is the key to their relationships. The next few months are presented with the possibility of finding out if they have managed to form a more solid or more distant couple. This new year brings visible harvests in the relations of the Geminians that will help them to understand and to value what was the learning that the teacher Saturn left them during the last two years already passed.



The Librians benefited during the first ten months of 2017 by the transit of Jupiter by its sign. Jupiter performed the “magnifying glass” effect that allowed them to see more clearly and gave them the possibility to choose their love reality better. In 2019, he finds them, the seductive Librans, with the possibility of reaping a better self-esteem, from there linking from a more egalitarian place to love. Saturn on the other hand comes to disillusion his world of excessive spells by asking them to exceed exaggerated expectations to build more realistic and efficient emotional bases.


Aquarians are presented with a 2019 full of opportunities for expansion and knowledge. This fast and creative sign usually puts a lot of effort in the work area, where they must learn to discriminate between the valuable and the unnecessary excesses to be attentive not to damage their love links. They will have to be very aware of the times they dedicate to work and to love not to overdo it and not fall into stress and discomfort. 2019 proposes to encourage you to trust that being themselves – with their own spaces that include freedom and creativity – is always the best business in every way.


Water signs




Saturn settles in Capricorn – the opposite of Cancer – in December of 2017 and stays for the next two and a half years. It confronts cancer personalities to become aware of the reality of their partners: both the difficulties they may have and the talents.

It’s time to finish deciding: do you want to take distance or commit and consolidate in a link? It is a period to mature and understand that the immense tenderness they expect from others is indeed their own talent. The love that their partners crave is their own quality and it is time to express it.

Saturn (the “disillusioner” cosmic) throughout the year will remove the excessive spells on their relationships and will lead them to engage with real beings, neither idealized nor denigrated. Realism times both in their partners and in the societies or agreements they intend to make.



2019 will be the year of Scorpio since after 12 years Jupiter -the great benefactor- will be installed in his sign until November 2019. Thus the intense and distrustful scorpions will go through a year full of possibilities of general improvements and sanctions

They can only take advantage if they accept the challenge of trust. It will be a matter of encouraging oneself to stop controlling and raising the sails so that Jupiter will take them to where the expansive intelligence of heaven proposes them.


This sign will be well aspected by a fluid trine of Jupiter from a related sign and water as is the sign of Scorpio. 2019 is presented as a time to risk having a loving adaptability to what fate is proposing. Pisces will be more open to the acceptance of the projects that their relationships and their partners propose. The climate of the sky suggests you to be more intuitive and loving to surrender to the intelligent challenges that Saturn and Uranus will propose to you from the Earth element. The Pisces should be given a year full of opportunities for updating and loving recycling with their partners.

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